Bee Agskills

By Jennifer Laffan, Doug Somerville, Nick Annand & John Rhodes

  • Release Date : 2017-12-01
  • Genre : Reference
  • FIle Size : 910.77 MB

Bee Agskills

This multi-touch book has been enhanced with video content and interactive features, and can only be read on an Apple tablet or computer. Please note the file size is about 1GB.

A clear, practical guide to beekeeping produced by a team of experienced apiarists. Includes how to use a bee smoker and work safely with bees, how to maintain hives, how to catch a swarm, how to remove and extract honey, how to replace a queen bee, and common health and pest problems in beehives. With step-by-step photographs, clear diagrams, and a linked glossary of terms.


Doug Somerville is employed by the NSW Department of Primary Industries as a Technical Specialist for Honey Bees. He has over 25 years experience assisting bee keepers and honey producers with
• best management practices in keeping honey bees;
• seasonal management enquiries;
• disease/pest management processes;
• starting out in bees;
• progressing from an amateur beekeeper to a business in keeping bees.

Doug Somerville has beekeeping experience in the United Kingdom and Canada and has been a guest speaker at several international conferences. He also manages over 100 hives himself for research, honey production and pollination.

Jennifer Laffan has written many publications and training resources for the NSW Department of Primary Industries, including others in the AgSkills series.

Doug and Jennifer have also written the book 'Healthy Bees: managing pests, diseases and other disorders of the honey bee'.

Background knowledge
General safety precautions
Select bee site
Assemble and maintain a hive
Obtaining bees
Light and extinguish a bee smoker
Open, inspect and close a hive
Move a hive
Seasonal management
Catch a swarm
Identify flora for honey production
Judging field conditions
Remove honey
Extract honey
Legal considerations for an apiary
Health problems and pests in the hive
Reducing swarming behaviour
Buying second-hand hives and equipment
Quality assurance
Industry structure and contacts
What is a Safe Work Method Statement?
Check your skill
Publishing Credits
Further reading
Other Agskills books